Campaigning has become data driven with the success of your campaign relying upon the quality and accessibility of your data. L2 can be your partner bringing you the highest quality data on the most intuitive and powerful internet platforms.

L2 VoterMapping

L2 VoterMapping™ is a voter analysis and selection tool unlike any other. A crucial tool for candidates, consultants, pollsters, political organizations and more.

L2 National Voter File

Bring the highest quality data to your campaign or organization. L2’s nationwide voter file contains over 166 million continually updated voter records.

Political Consultants

Arm your clients with superior data. Winning strategies start with comprehensive analysis made possible with L2 VoterMapping.

Political Campaigns

Power your campaign with the most highly developed national voter file in the country. Gain the edge with award winning analysis and outreach tools.

L2 Data Services

Customization is part of the L2 advantage. Superior data-processing technology enhances your existing dataset and puts the power of L2 at your disposal.

Super PACs

National reach needs a comprehensive voter and non-registered voter file. Get more from your members with L2 Voterfile Enhancements and L2 Data Services.


Know and engage your membership with L2 Data and L2 Data Services. Improve recruitment and retention.

Voter Modeling

Make better decisions with state of the art modeling available exclusively through L2 partners. Use precious resources wisely.
Paul Wescott

To find out more about how L2's high quality data and high speed platforms can help your campaign contact Paul Westcott:

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