In fact, the number is closer to the 183,775,224 registered voters in the current L2 national voter file and all are reachable through L2 VoterMapping.  We mention the 200 million voters number because some of our competitors seem to be touting this exaggeration. For forty years L2 has gone to extraordinary lengths to process every record that goes through […]

Unrestricted political usage after purchase including unlimited downloads and resale You own our file for life Updates through election 2018 for orders over $5000 Updates for one-year on all other files Includes additional logins to your VoterMapping account Hundreds of fields included standard What this means: Buy L2 data once at a great rate and then use it or resell it […]

L2 continues to bring users the most up-to-date highest quality data available. Below are the most recent updates as of 11:50amEST on 7/24/17. Find out more about L2 data or request a quote today. Minnesota: 7/21 Louisiana: 7/17 Wyoming: 7/17 Montana: 7/14 California: 7/07 Tennessee: 7/06 Arizona: 7/05 Michigan: 7/03 Ohio: 6/29 Kentucky: 6/23 Kansas: […]

By JC Medici, President, L2 Media Contact: For years, there has been a solid set of rules for running political media campaigns. As digital has become prominent and perceived as a more cost effective and measurable way to run a campaign, the old rules of dedicating upwards of 90 percent of the media mix […]

National and state party organizations along with like-minded companies have been collecting, storing and giving their data to approved candidates, PACs and other groups for years.  Despite the appeal of this low cost and allegedly high-quality data, L2 has seen an influx of candidates, PACs and other organizations in search of an alternative. Most of these […]