19 Million+ Voters in California. L2 provides you affordable access to all of them not just what fits your budget. Full Report on California Voters

Most Frequently Updated. Because of changes to how the California voter file is delivered, L2 is now able to provide county-level voter data 8 times+ per year. What this means is if you’re an L2 VoterMapping user you’ll automatically receive new registrants and updated rolls at minimum every 60 days. This is the most aggressive schedule in the market.

What comes standard with an L2 California file?

600 fields of consumer and contact data

Income, education level, home values, children in household are just some of the key pieces of demographic information by which you’ll be able to target your voters. Federal Election Commission donor data alongside directly targetable commercial donor lists are also available. See the full list in L2’s Data Dictionary

L2 California Difference

  • County Registration Data Updated Every 30-60 Days
  • 600 fields of Voter, Donor, Consumer Data Standard
  • Registration Updates at least 15 Days Before Election
  • National Change of Address Refresh 30-60 Days
  • Social Security Death Index Refresh 30-60 Days
  • County Level Vote by Mail (VBM) Ballot Updates
  • All minor and Special Districts Continually Updated
  • Fastest and Most Intuitive Count and Mapping Tool
  • Eight Phone Sources Updated Monthly
  • Dozens of Integrations including NationBuilder
  • Over 44-years experience in California Data
  • California Specific Predictive Models Included
  • Data Onboarded for Digital Outreach


Make selections and get counts for free using L2 VoterMapping. From there you can purchase records starting at 2.5 cents per record and down from there based on volume. You can also purchase larger districts and the entire state at extreme cost per record discounts.

L2 California Director, Matthew Curley

Matt has previously worked for AT&T, T-Mobile, and most recently Callfire. At Callfire, Matt lead and grew the company’s political efforts nationwide with a strong focus on California campaign and advocacy groups. He delivered a fresh business approach to sales partnerships utilizing technology for outreach. Matt attended The Michigan State University where he played Baseball and holds a Bachelor of Science focused in Interdisciplinary Social Science with emphasis on Politics and Economics. Matt currently lives in the Los Angeles area and travels frequently between LA and Sacramento. Contact Matt: matt.curley@L2political.com Phone: 818-450-4471