Where others leave off, L2 begins. Starting with fresh county-level voter data gathered from all fifty states and DC, we perform standardization, cleaning and enhancing processes that have made us the gold standard for the industry. All records in the national voter file are passed through dozens of processing steps including:

L2 Voter File Enhancements

Initial Processing

  • Duplicate record analysis and removal
  • Garbage record identification and cleaning
  • Major and minor district processing and checking
  • District enhancements and supplementation through intermediate mesh annotation coding
  • Vote history processing and checking
  • Name parsing and cleaning
  • Addition of missing gender codes
  • Mailing city name corrections and standardizations
  • Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) and Locatable Address Correction (LACS) processing
  • Post CASS street name and address corrections
  • Social Security Administration Death Index Matching
  • Geocoding with rooftop level latitude and longitude
  • Imputation of missing registration dates
  • Commercial data file supplements for missing birth dates and apartment numbers
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) processing
  • Complex householding to confirm most likely household groupings
  • Identification of voters missing critical districts and assignment of those districts
  • Census data conversions and application of American Community Survey Data
  • Federal Election Commission data matching and analysis
  • Presidential county-level election results coding and turnout analyses down to the precinct level
  • Landline and cell phone matching from five national commercial sources

Lifestyle Data Enhancements

  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Education
  • Calculation of likely marital status
  • Ethnic and religious identification for about 90% of voters
  • Charitable giving in fourteen different categories
  • Social/Economic Ladder Ranking
  • Home purchase price and date along with likely current value
  • Land value and median housing value
  • Home owner versus renter
  • Estimated net worth
  • Investor status
  • Business owner
  • Home office
  • Likely presence of children in household
  • Percentage of individuals in area who are Spanish speaking
  • Likely primary language
  • Magazine category subscriptions
  • Experian Mosaic Lifestyle Groupings
  • Pet owners of various types
  • Gun owners
  • Veterans
  • Hobbies and interests found in the household
  • NCC Cable Zones

Modeling Enhancements

  • Application of Likely Party Modeling from proprietary algorithms developed for L2 to be used in states lacking party registration
  • Application of proprietary hot button issue models and L2 private self-reported issue data
  • Analysis of family characteristics
  • Self-reported views on hot button issues including:
    • Affordable Care Act
    • Election of conservative judges
    • Gay marriage
    • Gun Control
    • Immigration
    • Lawsuit reforms
    • School Choice
    • Social Views
    • Privatizing Social Securiy
    • Abortion
    • and More
Paul Wescott

To find out more about how L2's high quality data and high speed platforms can help your campaign contact Paul Westcott:

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