Members are the lifeblood of any association. L2’s superior data and data services help you better understand and serve your membership which means better recruitment, retention and accomplishment of your association’s mission.

L2 is the premier source of high quality data in the nation. Our 250 million record database is continuously updated and scrubbed for accuracy. L2 has the most extensive commercial and lifestyle data available and our data services team can match against your membership to enhance your current list and help you grow it as well.

Relevant Products

L2 VoterMapping

Give your association an entirely new perspective. With L2 VoterMapping you visually ‘fly over’ a region your organization cares about, immediately see the location and other pertinent lifestyle and demographic data of every member or potential member and zoom down to retrieve data on a single household. L2 VoterMapping gives you the edge with unprecedented speed and the ability to create, save and manipulate universes of data that matter to you, instantly.

L2 Non-Registered Voters

Boost your membership ranks with quality leads. Associations working to bolster support can turn to L2 for non-registered adults. Select records based on your own complex criteria. L2’s commercial files contain updated non-registered household data. Enhance your data with district matching, ethnic coding, telephone appending, gender, census geocoding and more.

L2 Member Matching

L2’s proprietary matching algorithm can take your member database and supercharge it with vast amounts of relevant information on lifestyle and modelled data. From geographical boundary matching to private name and address updating, L2’s data team gives your association an edge in recruitment and retention.

L2 Email Lists

Take your organization’s message beyond mailers and phone calls. Email remains the #1 way to communicate directly with a member digitally. All of L2’s email databases originate from opt-in sources and all addresses are tested for deliverability, making our product compliant and effective.
Paul Wescott

To find out more about how L2's high quality data and high speed platforms can help your organization contact Paul Westcott:

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