Direct Mail is more sophisticated than ever. To run a cost effective campaign you need the best data and the ability to select your exact target – fast.

Combine L2 Voter Data with our award-winning L2 VoterMapping to execute flawless direct mail campaigns for all of your clients. L2 runs continual NCOA scrubs so accuracy is never in doubt. Bulk pricing and lightning fast turnaround times (instant if you use L2 VoterMapping) give you the needed edge to run winning campaigns. Contact Paul Westcott to get started now.

Relevant Products

L2 VoterMapping

The most comprehensive voter data file in the country. Construct your direct mail list from a vast array of criteria taking your mailing campaign to new levels of effectiveness. Lists are created in the formats you need to get the job done easily and quickly.

L2 Nationwide Voter File

Your essential companion to the L2 Voter File. Manage all of your client lists, construct universes according to your needs and even help your clients with voter file analysis.
Paul Wescott

To find out more about how L2's high quality data and high speed platforms can help your campaign contact Paul Westcott:

Paul Westcott, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
  (202) 679-7114