Modern campaigning requires cutting edge tools and superior data. L2 gives you both. Whether you’re running a State or Federal race – L2 is your partner for voter intelligence and the tools to win the tough races.

The L2 Voter File is the most highly developed national voter file in the country. Over 185 million records, continuously updated from dozens of sources. Voter files starting with Party ID and including not just basic voter information but comprehensive lifestyle data and modeling scores on relevant issues. L2 VoterMapping, free with your data file, is your gateway to extensive analysis and puts your plan into action from generating walk lists to identifying advertising targets. Contact Paul Westcott to get started.

Relevant Products

L2 Nationwide Voter File

Bring the highest quality data to fuel your campaign. Identify, understand and reach your voters. Always up to date. Comprehensive. The edge you need to win.

L2 VoterMapping

The best voter file analysis tool anywhere. Visually “fly over” your state or district, uncover the hidden insights you need to guide your efforts to identify and persuade voters. L2 VoterMapping is an essential part of a winning campaign with unmatched speed and capability.

L2 Data Services

L2 will take your own data and super-charge it with proprietary modeling, demographic and lifestyle data so you can make smarter decisions, save money and win.

L2 Non-Registered Voter File

L2 doesn’t stop with the voter file. L2 Non-registered voter data is exactly what you need to power your new registration efforts.

L2 Lists

L2 VoterMapping is more than just an analysis tool – use it to easily generate mailing lists, phone lists, walk lists and random samples for your pollsters. Each lists is generated according to your deep analysis and specific criteria in the format that works for you.
Paul Wescott

To find out more about how L2's high quality data and high speed platforms can help your campaign contact Paul Westcott:

Paul Westcott, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
  (202) 679-7114