It’s time for a change. L2 Media.

L2 Media provides campaigns, PACs, advocacy groups and other political organizations the most targeted, cost-effective and efficient way to advertise digitally.

The L2 Media Difference

Platform & Data Agnostic: Our only allegiance is to ensure every advertising campaign is run as efficiently as possible

Detailed Reporting: Immediate, accurate, and usable summaries of every campaign will be generated to track your advertising spend.

No Partisan Tax: L2 Media’s solutions will be priced based on their effectiveness and quality in the marketplace and will not be marked up because they’re attached to a party label.

Simplicity: There is no reason to overcomplicate what is a relatively simple process. We have the expertise to take advantage of the best data, technology, and platforms. You only need to be concerned with results.

L2 Media President JC Medici

L2 has tapped digital advertising veteran JC Medici as President of L2 Media. Medici’s most recent role was as national director of politics and advocacy at ad tech powerhouse Rocket Fuel. As head of Rocket Fuel’s lauded political operation, Medici launched precise, performance-driven campaigns for an array of clients including influential advocacy groups, candidates, Super PACs, and national grassroots organizations.

Medici has 15 years of digital advertising experience, the last four of which have been solely focused on political. Medici’s focus on and passion for politics in the digital ad space has had an impact beyond Rocket Fuel’s wild success. He helped to quickly advance the political advertising industry into a place where strategic digital campaigning has become a mainstream practice.

JC Medici

It's time for a change. L2 Media. contact JC Medici:

JC Medici, President, L2 Media
  (202) 322-9825