Customization is part of the advantage L2 can provide to you. Our proprietary data processing technology combines with the most accurate data available can take your own organization’s data to another level giving you unmatched competitive advantages with super-fast turnaround times.

L2 Data Services

Member Matching

Send us your member list and we will match against our database and update and/or enhance your list. Now you have a member list on steroids. Increase your retention rates or grow your ranks. You now have the power.

Email Appending

Go beyond direct mail and robo calls. Email is the #1 way to communicate directly with a voter or constituent digitally. Every L2 email originates from opt-in sources and all emails are tested for deliverability. L2 Email Appending is cost effective and compliant.
    Some of our email services include:
  • Email Appends: adding verified email addresses to your list of names and addresses
  • Reverse Email Appends: returning names, addresses, phone numbers and more
  • Email Cleaning: improve the deliverability of your existing email list

Zip Code to District Matching

L2 will take your custom list of names and addresses and match each record to its legislative and political districts (usually in under 24 hours)


Campaigns: State/Federal

Give your campaign an entirely new perspective. VoterMapping gives your campaign the ability to visually ‘fly over’ your state or district, immediately see the location and party affiliation of every voter and ‘zoom down’ to retrieve data on a single household. VoterMapping gives your campaign the edge with unprecedented speed and the ability to create, save and manipulate universes instantly.

Super PACs

Bring the highest quality data to your campaign. L2’s nationwide voter file contains over 185 million regularly updated voter records. These files are America’s most up-to-date anywhere, consistently refreshed against the national change of address (NCOA) database and deceased voters list.

Political Consultants

Customization is part of the L2 advantage. Our in house staff can provide your campaign with custom data services, including matching private name and address files to registered voter files, telephone appending and verification, Email appending, CASS certification, Death Index Matching, and Political boundary appending.


Take your campaign’s message beyond mailers and phone calls. Despite hundreds of social networking platforms e-mail remains the #1 way to communicate directly with a voter or constituent digitally. All of L2’s e-mail databases originate from opt-in sources plus all addresses are tested for deliverability, making our product legal and effective.
Paul Wescott

To find out more about how L2's high quality data and high speed platforms can help your campaign contact Paul Westcott:

Paul Westcott, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
  (202) 679-7114