Your customers need high quality data and tools to get the best performance out of your organizing technology. L2 is your value added partner.

Don’t let bad data bring down your customers’ expectations. Increase customer sales and retention by arming your users with the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate voter and non-registered voter database. Seamlessly connect your platform to ours and make the combination irresistible. Contact Paul Westcott to get started now.

Relevant Products

L2 VoterMapping

L2 VoterMapping is the perfect companion to your platform. Your users can do complex voter analysis in L2 VoterMapping and make use of the results in a few clicks right in your platform.

L2 Voter File

An organizing tool is nothing with out superior inputs and that means a continually updated and comprehensive national voter file.

L2 Member Matching

If your users already have their own data, we can supercharge it with a vast array of lifestyle, issue and modeling enhancements.

L2 Email Lists

L2 provides verified and deliverable emails on top of our robust data offering to expand your customers’ supporter outreach efforts.

L2 Random Samples

Identify statistically robust samples within L2 VoterMapping and feed the results back to your platform. Stratified and normalized, your users can do proper message testing, easily.
Paul Wescott

To find out more about how L2's high quality data and high speed platforms can help your campaign contact Paul Westcott:

Paul Westcott, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
  (202) 679-7114